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Workshops & Breakouts

“I just wanted to tell you thanks. Your session was more than educational. I will use everything you taught us. Not only to better my management skills, but to aid others. It is always good to hear things in a different perspective. You are very wise and more than awesome at what you do. I am going to play the animal game with my CSR’s. I want to help them see why they have such a hard time getting along. Plus it will help me see if we have people in the correct positions. Again, thank you.”

        – Joromono L/ Martin, Supervisor, Home Oxygen 2-U

Take your understanding to the next Candy works with your participants in small groups and one on one with her insightful activities. A workshop or breakout session is the perfect way for teams and organizations to explore ideas further after experiencing one of Candy’s keynote topics. They’re even great on their own or as an off-site leadership retreat, and for team building sessions. Candy can present a workshop in two hours or as multi-day events like her Leadership and Workplace Culture Series. It is her goal to custom design your sessions specifically based on your mission and goals.  See Speaking Topics for content ideas.

Workshops are perfect if you need to:

  • Explore a concept in more depth
  • Dive deeper into issues and begin problem-solving
  • Have more time and space for team building
  • Explore a concept in real-time situations
  • Invest more time in interactive excerises and discoveries