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Speaker One-on-One Coaching

for a more interactive and engaging experience!

When you need Speaker One-on-One Coaching...

  • - Would you like to be more interactive, but don't know where to start?
  • - Do you feel like a talking head?
  • - Is your presentation missing pizazz?
  • - Are you bored with your presentation?

If you answered yes more than once...KEEP READING!

It has been said that we remember:

20 percent of what we hear (passive)

30 percent of what we see and hear (passive)

70 percent of what we say and write (active)

90 percent of what we say as we do (active)

Many speakers have seen the success of Candy's programs and have asked her to help them make their presentations more interactive, engaging, and fun!  Speaker One-on-One Coaching is about helping you transform your presentation into an EXPERIENCE people will remember.

This is the conversation I’ve been having with many of my clients in the last few years: 

Client: We want to bring you in as our Keynoter for our annual Conference! 

Me: Great! Which one of my topics are you interested in? 

Client: Don’t care-you pick, we just loved your energy and your interaction when we saw you speak at an event! 

 This could be YOUR conversation!

Make YOUR next presentation fun and memorable!

Candy is known for her energizing events that engage audiences through interactive activities designed to make learning fun while maximizing memory retention. In other words, audiences love Candy, because she makes learning fun and easy, and they GET IT! It’s time to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, clients want more than the basic lecture and power point.

Adding interactivity into your current keynotes, breakouts or workshops will result in

MORE...Memorable Original Relational and Engaging   experiences that will provide lasting  benefits for YOU, YOUR Audience, and Your Meeting Planners.

Here are just a few of those benefits:


✔ More powerful presentations
✔ More referrals
✔ More return clients

Your Audience

✔ More memorable experience
✔ More retention
✔ More engaged with one another

Your Planner

✔✔✔ More confidence -- they know booking you will always be a home run, they are the hero and so are you!

"Candy's insights and experience helped me envision and clarify my expanded workshop program on Cultivating Kindness. She gave me confidence to be authentic and fun with several additional highly interactive segments. She also gave me feedback on my current handouts making some valuable suggestions. Candy was so fun and reassuring and I loved working with her." 

 Linda Cohen, Kindness Catalyst, Speaker and Consultant

Before you jump out of your seat and say, "Woo! HOO! That's for me," make sure you are ready for coaching with Candy:

Candy's Coaching Clients:

 ✔ Have been speaking for 3+ years
 ✔ Have a synopsis or outline of a keynote, breakout or workshop that is ready for interaction
 ✔ Ready to make an investment in the Speaker One-on-One Coaching program
 ✔ Are prepared to have a call with Candy to discuss needs, expectations, specifics and logistics

"What I like most about Candy's coaching is that she makes sure you understand the details of how to use an activity--how to set it up, what to expect, how to handle predictable situations. She really makes it feel easy." 

--Jean Moroney, President, Thinking Directions

What YOUR  Basic One-on-One Coaching for More Interaction will look like once you have been accepted into the program:

Step 1

Email Candy your synopsis, outline, bullet points or lessons of the presentation that needs more interaction. Candy will begin reviewing your materials and integrating activities into your presentation which will be reviewed with you in Step 4 below.

Step 2

Candy will send you your Bag ‘O Goodies full of supplies for your activities and she will email you a list of all the activities that include the lessons, supplies needed, and instructions.

Step 3

Candy will coordinate and schedule a 2 hour video conference Zoom Meeting with you (Yes this needs to be live! I need to see you so we can discuss and talk through the activities).

Step 4

Day of the Zoom Meeting …this is where the magic happens! Candy will share her ideas on how to integrate the activities into your keynote, breakout or workshop. We will discuss, talk through, and fine tune the activities to your situation.

Step 5

A 30 minute phone call after your presentation to see how the new interactive presentation went and to tweak your next one!

Candy offers Basic, Deluxe, and Premium Speaker One-on-One Coaching packages.

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