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Animal Buttons -

You will know just what to say and how to say it when you see an animal button on others…these are great for:

  • Team Meetings
  • Training
  • Parties
  • Company Events
  • Recognition Gifts

Chameleon Button Lion Button Lamb Button Owl Button


Please select the total quantity you would like to purchase in the drop down box below, then provide the detailed quantities you would like for each individual animal in the text field below the drop down box (e.g. If you selected 8 total buttons, and you wanted 2 of each animal, the detail could say 2 of each animal or Chameleon=2, Lion=2, Lamb=2, Owl=2).  Please double check to be sure your detail numbers add up to the total you selected.


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Animal Banner Set

These are great for use in training(just like Candy!) or just displaying in a conference room or work area to reinforce what your group has learned about personalities and how to work better with others.  The banners are approx 35 inches tall and 20 inches wide.  Set includes a Chameleon, Lion, Lamb, and Owl.


Chameleon Banner Lion Banner Lamb Banner Owl Banner


Qty/Price Options - S&H Included