Motivational Keynote Speaker

Leadership & Team Building Expert

Author of It Takes 4 To Tango


10 Reasons To Hire Candy

1. You want a speaker who cares...

Candy takes a genuine interest in people from every level in the organization. She has more than 25 years of experience working with leaders of all levels in all types of organizations. She connects with them on a personal level and wants to help them achieve excellence.

2. You want a speaker who REALLY knows people...

Candy understands generational differences and personality differences and teaches those differences so your people will get along to get it done. Candy would say, “This is ALL I do!” She teaches people that we are different and we simply need to adapt, embrace and respect those differences in order to be more productive, and have less stress, to be more satisfied in our relationships and less irritated because someone is not like us…more or less… that is it.

3. You want a speaker first thing in morning, after lunch or as the closer...

These are the BEST slots to place Candy. She is full of energy and will bring energy to your event before, during or the closing keynote!

4. You want a speaker who knows how to adapt...

Candy takes the term dynamic to the next level. Her high energy and enthusiasm are uplifting. There is nothing canned about her presentations. She customizes every keynote to the client and adjusts on the fly by truly listening to her audience to meet their needs.

5. You know the importance of participant-based-learning...

Her innovative lessons and activities are designed to engage the audience, enhance the learning process, and improve retention. Candy is a cutting-edge facilitator of whole-brain-based learning. She understands adult learning: what works, what fails, and what wastes time. 

6. You want a speaker who doesn’t show up right before she speaks

Candy loves to come to your event early or stay late to meet the participants whether that means going to dinner, having breakfast or joining in the meet-and greet. She understands the insight that this type of interaction can bring and how it can be leveraged to make the event even more powerful!

7. You need to know your speaker will deliver no matter what

In 2009 Candy was on her way to keynote for a local event at KU Medical Center, and was in a serious car accident where her car was totaled. Did that stop her? Absolutely not, she had a little blood on her knee, lipstick was a little smudged but she hitched a ride with one of the policeman and got to the event with 10 minutes to spare. (The perfect place to speak…after a car accident!)

8. You want a speaker who is real….funny

Candy is truly known for her contagious sense of humor and you will see that from the time you talk to her about your event until the very last word that comes out of her mouth. Your participants will laugh, learn and leave with an enlightened understanding of their challenges and a new set of tools to conquer those challenges.

9. You want real world experience as well as an educated speaker

Candy has owned her company for 14 years, management experience for 11 years before that, and she has two degrees. Her message has been heard in service organizations, factories, government, financial institutions and many associations. Candy has spoken to audiences from 40 to 4,000 and has spoken in all 50 U. S. states and internationally in Asia, United Kingdom and Canada.

Drum roll please...

10. You want a REAL CHEERLEADER who will cheer your audiences to success

Candy was a Kansas City Chiefs Chiefette (a long time ago but she just can’t stop!) Her enthusiasm will spread throughout the conference and then to your organization. Candy will not only teach great content, and her signature “Cheer,” she also promises your audience will leave with a smile on their faces and a skip in there steps.