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Personality Types - It Takes 4 To Tango

…these People Are Not Difficult, They Are Just Different!

International Speaker, Author, and former NFL Cheerleader, Candy Whirley is well known for leading and cheering audiences around the world to live and work better together and to stop driving each other CRAZY! In It Takes 4 To Tango, Candy has two meanings when it comes to her ”4″. The first meaning... she will take you through her 4 C’s of Leadership which are the importance of Confidence, Communication, Creativity and Change in the workplace, the second meaning… you will go on a brilliant exploration of personality styles that will make you think, laugh, even dance…and recognize your true self and others. This is NOT the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator, this is NOT the DISC test or even True Colors…Candy gets participants up and out of their seats and networking with other…ANIMALS (Chameleon, Lion, Lamb or Owl) just like them! This is an open and honest way for all the personalities to hear from one another about how to communicate better with other Animals, how to motivate them and which ANIMAL drives them the craziest and why…WITHOUT A TEST! You’ll also learn to overcome personality differences that lead to problems like communication breakdown, negotiation letdown, and delegation fall-down by learning the secrets to connecting and partnering with other personality styles. People leave understanding how to treat people like THEY want to be treated and recognize that people are not difficult, they are just different.

Take Aways…

  • Understand filters (your brain tape recorder) and be more confident about who you are as a Leader
  • Understand how negative behaviors can sabotage you
  • Learn 4 EASY communication steps to giving feedback…the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Cultivate creative problem-solving techniques.. like brainstorming 26 new ideas in 2 minutes
  • Learn to STOP treating people like YOU want to be treated and treat them like THEY want to be treated
  • You will leave with a changed attitude by understanding that people are not difficult, they are just different…It Takes 4 To Tango!

Clip from Tango Presentation

“All of us have been through some type of training or class where we find out what Color or animal we are. How the information is presented and how it is retained is what separates you from those other presenters. If information is only good for the moment, it has no impact in the future. Information retained and more importantly, recalled, has value and will impact future interactions, which is truly the essence of YOUR training.” “If you need a trainer, this is the person you need. She was my Keynoter and she was Fab!”

    - Monika D. Bowles, MPS, PHR, IPMA-CP, Director of Human Resources, Village of Royal Palm Beach