Motivational Keynote Speaker

Leadership & Team Building Expert

Author of It Takes 4 To Tango


Emotional Intelligence - Get Off The Roller Coaster

Know ‘em, Manage ‘em, Choose ‘em.

Buckle up…and be ready to be entertained, interactive, energized and enter a new way of thinking!

Have you ever had someone know just what buttons to push! We all have…that’s why Candy loves to teach folks how to get their emotions under control. In this interactive keynote, you will laugh and learn about your emotions and how to CALM DOWN without someone saying “Calm Down!” We will analyze your emotions by exploring what aggravates you by knowing exactly what tics you off! Then we will discuss how to manage the obstacles so you can choose your emotions by being proactive NOT reactive. By the end of this keynote you will be able to recognize the emotions in people who are not like you! Simple…right? I truly believe that It Takes 4 to Tango. We will go through an interactive exercise that teaches the four personality styles WITHOUT A TEST! Once you learn the Tango of your employees, employers or peers, you will learn their emotions and then you can dance your way through ANY problem! Cue Tango music…

Take Aways…

  • Know your emotions so you can be PROACTIVE not reactive
  • Manage your emotions with Candy’s 3 step process that you can use the second you leave the conference in any situation
  • Learn to Choose your emotions in unpredictable situations
  • Handle emotional obstacles in 4 easy ways
  • Recognize the personality differences and the emotional characteristics so you can effectively work with people who are NOT like you

“The meetings were the best we have done so far. Candy was not only amazing to work with her topic fit our audience perfectly. The content was amazing along with her humor that let everyone relax and have fun while learning. Her topic also fit really well with our first speaker so the match was perfect. On all of our surveys from the various locations our clients are telling us this was the best meeting series we have had and that they loved the speakers. I have had numerous phone calls from clients telling me how much they loved Candy and her presentation. Thank you so much for all your help and I would recommend Candy to anyone!”

        -Chelsea Jones, Marketing Communications & Event Coordinator, AgStar Financial