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Leadership & Team Building Expert

Author of It Takes 4 To Tango


Creativity Boot Camp for Leaders and Trainers

Candy uses innovative and interactive activities proven from coast to coast to enhance creative thinking and sustainability. “In this session you will be learning my trade secrets on how to make learning fun and memorable! Your employees need more than Power Point and lectures in their orientations and trainings…trust me!” You will learn new creative ways to problem-solve for quicker resolutions, invent your own activity that will teach multiple lessons, and walk away with a tool box of techniques that are easy and usable at your next training, meeting or orientation.

Take Aways:

  • 3 Brainstorming techniques that will change attitudes and get BUY-IN!
  • Learn the 3 step process to wake up your creative GENIUS!
  • Learn Candy's best and most used activities to problem-solve fast and efficiently with fun.
  • 5 new activities (you will play)that teach multiple lessons….and are memorable!
  • Learn to change your organizational culture…CREATIVELY.
  • Bonus: You will invent your own activity and lessons…it’s easy…I promise!

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Boot Camp last Thursday. You were so much fun and made so much sense. I can’t wait to use your ideas and create some new ones. Thanks Again!”

        - T.Porter, Director of Training

What to bring:

  • An open mind
  • The first grader in you
  • Comfortable clothes…do NOT dress up we will be playing… a lot!
  • One item from the Dollar Store (don’t tell anyone what you are bringing!)
  • “Idea Sharing” What have you been doing in your trainings?

Creativity + Fun + Objectives = Increased Retention

Be ready to have fun, get to know fellow trainers and leaders, and have an interactive day that will zip by! At the end of the day you’ll look at your watch and say, “IT’S OVER? I feel like I just got here!”.

Awaken Your Creative Genius! Invent Your Own Activities... Teach Memorable Lessons! Learn New Ways of Problem Solving... Build Lasting Bonds with Peers ...and Make Learning Fun and Memorable!

Clip from Candy's Boot Camp...

Just a piece of what you will experience!