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Author of It Takes 4 To Tango


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  • It Takes 4 To Tango DVD -  In her It Takes 4 To Tango DVD, Candy will take you through a brilliant exploration of behavioral styles that will make you think, laugh, even dance…and recognize your true self and others. You’ll also learn to overcome personality differences that lead to problems like communication breakdown, negotiation letdown, and delegation fall-down by learning the secrets to connecting and partnering with other personality styles.You will learn to
    • Understand filters and be more confident about who you are as a Leader
    • Be truly aware of the communication breakdown
    • Separate the person from the action
    • Cultivate creative problem-solving techniques
    • Understand that people are not difficult, they are just different…It Takes 4 To Tango!


  • Emotional Intelligence DVD- Have you ever had someone know just what buttons to push! We all have….and that’s why Candy loves to teach folks how to get their emotions under control. In this live DVD, you will laugh and learn about your emotions. You will analyze your emotions by exploring what aggravates you by knowing exactly what tics you off! Then we will discuss how to manage the obstacles so you can choose your emotions by being proactive NOT reactive, so you will have a clear head to recognize the emotions in people who are not like you!

The 5 segments of Emotional Intelligence discussed:

  • Know your emotions
  • Manage your emotions
  • Recognize emotions in others
  • Choosing your emotions
  • Handling your emotions

  • Bridging the Gap DVD - This interactive, energetic and entertaining live presentation will enable you to recruit, manage and work with people by learning the differences between generations X, Y, Boomers, and Matures, and their work habits and goals. Candy also shares her knowledge of gender differences in order to help participants understand that there is truly a difference in communication and conflict management. Those who have experienced Candy know her presentation would not be the same without one of her famous activities! You will see it LIVE!


  • What Candy learned from the gender difference experts, what are they saying?
  • To recognize the characteristics of the generations in the workplace and how their strengths will benefit the organization.
  • Which team members behavioral styles fit best with the company’s goals?


Training Products

  • 10 It Takes 4 to Tango books,
  • Set of 4 Animal Buttons,
  • Set of 4 Animal Banners,
  • It Takes 4 To Tango 20 minute LIVE Audio CD of Candy teaching the Animal Game,
  • It Takes 4 To Tango DVD,
  • Meditation CD,
  • ***Bonus One-on-One Hour Conference Call Session


Other Fun Products

  •  Animal Buttons-You will know just what to say and how to say it when you see an animal button on others…these are great for Team Meetings, Training, Parties, Company Events, Recognition Gifts
  •  Animal Banners -These are great for training or just displaying in a conference room or work area to reinforce what your group has learned about personalities and how to work better with others