Motivational Keynote Speaker

Leadership & Team Building Expert

Author of It Takes 4 To Tango


Speaking Services

From motivational speaking for a crowd of thousands to rolling up your sleeves and doing a deep dive workshop to helping you plan your event, Candy is your go to speaker. She brings tons of interaction, energy and motivation to each of her speaking engagements. Quite frankly, she can do it all! … She’s been known to move tables….wait on tables…clear food from tables….and dance on tables…NO tip necessary!

Candy works directly with her clients to customize the presentation to meet their specific needs...she is also very dynamic and interactive and will adjust as needed based upon participant interaction and feedback during the session to ensure all areas receive the right amount of attention...Remember Candy Can...but her presentations aren't canned.

To learn more about her Speaking Services and enjoy some video clips of her work, select one of the following options:

> Workshops & Breakouts

> In-Depth Leadership Series

Note: If you are looking for accredited sessions for Continuing Education Credits, Candy's Topics are Acreddited with SHRM and she will be glad to work with you on obtaining accreditation for your organizational needs as well, just give her a call to discuss.

What does Candy need to know waaaaay before the event? The best thing to do is have a conversation with Candy about the goals for the meeting. She likes to know the ins and outs of your event such as: 

  • What to say and what NOT to say… 
  •  Is there a theme for the event?  
  •  Do we have folks with special needs or considerations?  
  •  Candy is very interactive and wants to make sure everyone is comfortable and feels like they are a part of the event. 
  •  Is there that ONE special (funny) guy who will do the Tango with Candy?  
  •  If you were me, what would YOU want to know that I couldn’t possibly know about this group/meeting/industry/organization/issue?  
  •  What are your people complaining about in the hallways and at the water cooler?  
  •  If you had magic fairy dust what changes would you make to you organization to make it more effective, productive and/or harmonious?  
  •  What can Candy say as an outsider, that you can’t?  
  •  How do you want people to feel after the event? 
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