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In-Depth Leadership Series

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about the marked improvement in our workplace relationships since you delivered your motivating message to our staff. The historically divided lines between administrative and legal peer groups, has all but disappeared. The office goals are now achieved in an environment of unified collaboration. Thanks for your insightful, inspiring, and conscious raising exercises. You are a credit to your profession and a quality catalyst to others.”

        – Debra de Clue, CSE Lead Supervisor, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Oil Change, Tune Up...or OVERHAUL?

When an organization is struggling or going through significant changes, a keynote or workshop may not be enough…Candy understands this and that is why she offers an In-Depth Leadership Series that will be customized to address the specific needs of your organization. 

Candy often hears something like the following:

  • We are under new leadership and need to get everyone on the same page
  • We have had a lot of turnover and things have become disjointed
  • We are growing quickly and hiring a lot of people and need everyone to hear the same message and form a common culture moving forward
  • We have merged with another organization and we need to merge the cultures and adopt and implement a common approach
  • We operate in silos and departments don’t communicate or work well together and it is killing our productivity and effectiveness

If that sounds familiar or if you have unique needs that require a more in-depth approach, a customized In-Depth Leadership Series may be exactly what your organization needs.

A Series is normally presented over several days and spread out over time to allow participants to absorb and apply the tools and techniques learned in each session. This is a hands on, roll up the sleeves and address the real issues kind of training. The idea is to tap into all the skills every leader must have to truly LEAD their teams, and get everyone on the same page and heading in the same direction.

The series will be customized to your needs and can address a multitude of issues and leadership skills such as:

  • Understanding and working with different personality styles
  • Awareness of Generational Differences and how to recruit, motivate, and retain them
  • Being proactive in understanding and managing emotions in any situation
  • Leadership Coaching Skills
  • Time Management
  • ...and more

For an example agenda, see the topic…Leadership and Workplace Culture Series

Candy has worked with leaders across the country from farmers to CEO’s from Hospital Administrators to Grain Elevator Mangers from Human Resource Directors to VP’s of financial industries….and she will tell you, “People are people and we are ALL leaders… we just have to hone our leadership skills.”