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Whether you’re looking for a professional keynote speaker, or an interactive breakout session facilitator, you’ll find everything you need right here. Browse through Candy’s speaking topics and breakout session outlines under the Professional Speaking and Topics sections. Don’t forget to check Candy’s calendar to see if she’s available to speak at your event…



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If anyone can add humor and context to subject matters like strategic management, staffing trends, corporate governance, ethics and leadership development – Candy Whirley can. With three classes that qualify under the HR Accreditation Institute, two that qualify for General and two for Strategic credit, Candy is the perfect association speaker for your organization’s cont. education needs…



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If you think a professional keynote speaker must use a PowerPoint and graphs to be effective, you’ve never heard Candy Whirley. Her spunky sense of humor mixed with her knowledge of workplace challenges make her sessions a unique, interactive and educational experience for her participants…


Recent News:

  • Don’t Run from The Issues… If You Really Care, Let Them Share! - Do you really know what your managers and employees are thinking or how they feel? Even if what they feel or think is not true (in your mind) the thoughts and feelings are THEIR perspective. I’ve recently been working closely with a few organizations and I have to tell you….it has been an eye opener. I decided, along with my […]
  • The Zone Show with Tom Evans - I was interviewed by Tom Evans from the UK about my newest resource.  I have developed a 30 day program called…It Takes 4 To Tango!  New info on the 4 personalities from my book! Yes…NOW you can get me for 2-3 minutes a day for 30 days so you can GET ALONG TO GET IT DONE AND MAKE IT FUN […]
  • The Human Kaleidoscope…A Lesson On Perspective…A Guide To Understanding - When we peer through a kaleidoscope, we see a single unique view, an arrangement of crystals and colors likely never to be repeated or seen again…another person picks up the same kaleidoscope and they will see something completely different, even though it is the same container with the same crystals, they view it from a different perspective. As we change […]
  • Whimsical Joy - What brought you JOY at 5 years old and what brings you JOY now?  If you ask my friends and family what my goal, intent or resolution is this year they would tell you, “She is all about JOY.” I decided I wanted to seek more joy by surrounding myself with joyful pictures and decor in my house. I have […]
  • A Question to Ponder…What is the Strength of YOUR Organizational Culture? - As I was receiving my Masters in Management degree from the University of Phoenix I was asked my opinion on the following question…. Some people suggest that the most effective organizations have the strongest cultures. What is meant by the strength of organizational culture, and what possible problems are there with a strong organizational culture? Candy’s editorial reply: The strength […]
  • Generation Z??? - This is an article I wrote recently for an HR magazine in Nebraska….very interesting on generational differences… you better buckle up and get ready for the Zs! Interviewer: Generally, what are some of the characteristics and qualities unique to Generation Z? Or those qualities/characteristics that aren’t quite as present with employees/talent from other generations (again, I realize these are generalities!)? […]
  • FERMA Conference - My tango partner President Elect Kevin and my wonderful ….do everything else for the conference buddy Selina!
  • ARE you keeping BAD team members? - Hey managers, supervisors, directors, team leads…LEADERS! Why are you keeping people in your organization who are KEEPING your good people down or better yet, running your good people off? Why ARE you keeping team members? Attitude-What is the team member’s attitude? Results-What impact does this attitude have on the results of the organization/team? Environment-What is this team member doing to […]
  • Employee Recognition is Key! - This pic is from an employee recognition event…and we ARE having a dance contest! While speaking at the 2014 Annual SHRM Conference this June in Orlando, FL I noticed a session going on that had STANDING ROOM ONLY…I looked at the title of the session….Trends and Preferences in Employee Recognition…Hmmmmmmm Recognition of small achievements and successes during an organization’s change […]
  • Are you a Side-Swiper? - Can an organization’s performance evaluation system affect employee behavior? An organization’s performance evaluation system can affect employees positively or negatively, depending on the way the leader delivers the feedback, and sets goals for the employees. When leaders hire employees or put them on a new project, they must communicate the goals that are expected of the employees.  The employees must […]

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